Welcome to our new and improved Academy Ridge at Landis Lakes website. Our goal is to provide you with important and timely information. This website will help you navigate home ownership in Academy Ridge, including responsibilities and expectations of home ownership. We hope you will take a few minutes to scroll through the different sections and learn more about our neighborhood and ways you can get involved. We need to feel pride in our community and make sure our property values continue to increase. If you have a suggestion or feel something is missing, we hope you will give us your feedback.

You can expect monthly updates of our HOA budget. This will allow you to see how your dues are being spent to pay bills and for enhancements to our neighborhood. There will be a section for events and activities including a follow up to our Annual Meeting where you can make your voice heard. We have provided a list of resources you can contact for home maintenance. Comments and suggestions should be directed to

What's Near Us

Midland Trail Golf Club

Beckley Creek Park

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